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Bradley attended the 2012 Satellite Awards yesterday, where both Silver Linings Playbook and himself won pretty big awards. They nabbed the biggest awards of the night, winning 5 awards total. Bradley won Best Actor and the film won Best Picture. Congratulations to Bradley, as well as the movie and all the cast members! You can check out a full list of awards that Bradley and Silver Linings Playbook won last night below:

Motion Picture: Silver Linings Playbook
Actress in a Motion Picture: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
Actor in a Motion Picture: Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook
Director: David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook
Best Film Editing: Jay Cassidy, Silver Linings Playbook

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Entertainment Weekly has released the very first movie still of Bradley from The Hangover: Part III. It’s only a MQ version, but it will be replaced with and HQ version when I can get my hands on one. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Movie Productions > The Hangover: Part III > Production Stills

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Hi everybody! As you know, Bradley visited Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday, December 14th. I finally updated the gallery with screen captures! I uploaded 573 screen captures of Bradley from the interview. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check the video out here. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2012 > Dec 14: Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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Bradley appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night to promote his new film Silver Linings Playbook. You can check out the interview below. It’s a great interview and surprisingly they have great chemistry! Definitely a must watch! Screen Captures will be in the gallery here shortly. Enjoy!

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This really isn’t “news,” but I thought this article was quite interesting. Most Bradley fans know these facts, but it’s fun to read if you didn’t happen to know. Check it out!

Despite being dethroned by this year’s Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper doesn’t seem to have lost any sex appeal over the past year. He was just nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his portrayal opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the offbeat comedy Silver Linings Playbook. Here are five things you may not know about Bradley Cooper.

1. Graduated from Washington D.C.’s prestigious Georgetown University with a degree in English.

2. Speaks French fluently.

3. He’s always loved to cook — especially Italian food — and even as a kid said he used to whip up dishes for his classmates.”I prided myself in taking whatever was in the fridge and turning it into lasagna,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

4. Once worked as a doorman for the Morgan Hotel in New York.

5. First on-screen appearance was in an episode of TV’s Sex and the City in 1999 before he starred as a regular on the Jennifer Garner spy series Alias.

Source – ET Online

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Bradley was spotted this past Wednesday, December 12th, in Los Angeles heading to lunch with a pal of his. You can view 5 MQ photos of Bradley in the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Candid Photos > Candids from 2012 > Dec 12: Heading to Lunch with a Friend in LA

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Hi everybody! I just updated the gallery with 2,200+ screen captures of Bradley from various talk show he made appearances on in 2012. There are 2 talk show appearances that I am missing, but I am hoping to get my hands on them real soon. So those will be uploaded when I get them. I hope you enjoy the screen captures and keep checking back for more updates!

Gallery Links
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2012 > Nov 12 – Charlie Rose
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2012 > Nov 13 – The Today Show
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2012 > Nov 16 – The Today Show
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2012 > Nov 21 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > 2012 > Oct 20 – The Jonathan Ross Show

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“I’m in Los Angeles, in my bed, right now,” Bradley Cooper said early this morning, shortly after he was nominated for a bunch of Golden Globe awards, as a star and a producer of “Silver Linings Playbook.” Across the country, we were similarly comfy. “Life’s strange, isn’t it?” said Mr. Cooper, audibly jolly. “We could actually take photographs and send them to one another. We could actually FaceTime – there’s no end to the level of communication that we could have right now.”

Don’t tempt us. Let’s get to the matter of the film, a relatively low-budget feature that has been treated by its distributor, the Weinstein Company, as an indie.

“We did a small release and decided to let the movie sell itself,” Mr. Cooper said, “which was what we thought would be the best marketing tool.” It’s worked: the film has kept mostly steady at the box office since it opened in November. “It’s a word-of-mouth film,” he said. “Luckily for us the word of mouth has been across-the-board wonderful.” (It’s made nearly $14.5 million domestically so far, and another $8.3 million internationally; the budget is estimated at $21 million, according to Boxofficemojo.com.)

The film also has its share of quotable moments, thanks to a script by David O. Russell (also nominated, though Mr. Russell was overlooked as director). Mr. Cooper has not yet become a catchphrase magnet to the public, but in his own circle, it’s a different story.

“Me and the guys that are in the movie, we quote the movie to each other,” he said. “I mean, way too much. Dash and Shea and John and Pauly Herman, we all hang out a lot.” (That would be his cast mates Dash Mihok, Shea Whighan, John Ortiz and Paul Herman.)

“It’s very sad when you’re quoting a movie that you’re in,” Mr. Cooper said, laughing, and adding by way of explanation, “I was in the editing room for five months, so I saw the movie 8,000 times.”

Since “Silver Linings Playbook” is nominated as best comedy/musical, and since it hinges on a big dance number, if the Globes telecast producers asked Mr. Cooper and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence to reprise their pas de deux, would he be game?

“That would be hilarious for us,” Mr. Cooper said, “and it might be really boring for everyone else. It’s one thing to shoot it, it’s another thing to watch it all in its wide glory.”

He was quick to note that he and Ms. Lawrence did all their own moves, though. “There was never even a discussion about dance doubles,” he said.

He didn’t quite know what clip he’d like shown during the telecast – “the movie has so many different tones,” he said – but he did recall what clip was used when “There Will Be Blood,” with Daniel Day-Lewis, was nominated. “It was when he was getting baptized and screaming,” he said.

“I hope that Daniel Day-Lewis” —a best actor nominee again this year for “Lincoln” — “shows up for SAGs and Golden Globes,” Mr. Cooper said, “because I just want be around him.”

“And Bill Murray!” he added. (Mr. Murray is a nominee for “Hyde Park on Hudson.”) “I got lucky with the right year, I’ll tell you that. That’s all I care about – I just want to be in the room with all these people, that’s the coolest part about the whole thing, is to get to watch them.”

It took almost no prodding, dear reader, to get Mr. Cooper to deliver a pretty good impression of Mr. Day-Lewis, screaming about his milkshake.

“I leaned up in bed and did his physical action,” Mr. Cooper said. “He’s the best.”

Source – New York Times

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Los Angeles was a warm fug of satisfaction this morning as The Golden Globes nominations were announced, with various actors and directors thanking and praising emotionally like Kate Winslet in sight of an awards statue.

So let’s see how the stars, reacted? Were there any rants or worries about those who were snubbed, or disappointed hissy fits? Of course not, this is Hollywood and Awards ceremonies, even ones that just nominate are all about everyone congratulating each other on another amazing year in the movie world.

Bradley Cooper, up for Best Actor, Musical or Comedy, told The Hollywood Reporter: “To see this film recognized by the HFPA is huge for us. And for me, personally, to be in a room with Bill Murray, Daniel Day-Lewis? Forget about it! We released the film in limited theaters, so it’s all been about word of mouth in a very positive way.”

Ang Lee, who has got a Best Director nomination and his film ‘Life of Pi’ is up for Best Picture, Drama, said to Tinseltown’s house magazine: “Two days ago, I know the Globes nominations are coming, so I try to avoid thinking about it, which I did successfully! I’m so very grateful for the help with this film, all the devotion of everyone who worked on it – three thousand of them— all the support. I think the appeal of this movie is that we talk about faith. And, when you see a trailer for a movie showing a boy, tiger on ocean, it’s pretty interesting! Today, I have a full day of a press in Mexico City, so that’s how I’m celebrating.”

So not even a word of dissent, surely Nicole Kidman a forthright Aussie, and her movie ‘The Paperboy’s’ only nomination, would offer something other than universal love when she spoke to THR?

“As an actor you look for roles that are rich, complicated, and that stretch you and this year I was blessed to find two. To have the chance to play them was a gift in itself and to then be acknowledged this way is icing on the cake. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press!”

Nope it’s official the Golden Globe nominations appear to be the garden of universal love.

Source – Entertainment Wise

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